« Unique and/or singular » is the gallery’s third exhibition.
27 unique works from 9 different countries are brought together in order to discover the views and reflections of these photographers through the prism of so-called “food photography”. Together they create a unique whole to be explored according to one’s own sensibility.
L'EXPO Unique and / or singular - seeeds

« COMBAT &  Résistance » est la deuxième exposition de la galerie.
Sept séries d’images vous sont proposées. Elles sont le fruit du travail, seul ou en collaboration, de 9 artistes qui exposent leur lutte personnelle ou celle engagée par d’autres et ainsi ouvrir plus grands nos yeux et nos esprits…

Henri VIII / Anne Boleyn / Catherine Howard – Alexis Manchion  –

The historical figure is by definition unique and singular. Henry VIII, depicted as a pig’s head, holds two beautiful roses in his mouth that appear to be still alive. Henry VIII, the English king of the Tudors, helped create the Anglican Church, married six women, two of whom, Catherine Howard and Anne Boleyn, he had beheaded for adultery and treason… He ended up obese and diabetic.

This image is from volume I of the work “Têtes Froides”.
“Têtes Froides” questions the notion of power through three chapters, each dealing with a distinct theme. In volume I, ‘Long live the king’, the royalty, in volume II, ‘Only god forgives’, the divinities, and in volume III, ‘In greed we trust’, the politics are discussed…


81 cm x 65 cm (without frame) : Edition 1/1 : 2100 euros
Frame size 90,5 cm x 74,5 cm (including gold leaf frame)
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Henri VIII / Anne Boleyn / Catherine Howard - Alexis Manchion

Ms Durian – Caspar Miskin –

This image is from the ‘Tastes’ series
“Tastes” is a project about how a unique and individual taste can stay with us, sometimes throughout our life, creating a specific memory in time.

Ms. Durian : “Durian is a very exotic fruit that you can find in Indonesia, where I am from. People do say it smells like gas but for me it smells very good ! It’s the kind of fruit that you either love or hate and I’ve always loved durian as long as I can remember. And that milky sweet taste with a tinge of alcohol, is just delicious ! Yes, it is a little bit alcoholic. I even got “drunk” once when eating 2 whole durian by myself…”


Room with a view – Spinach field on a spring day – Cristina Jacob –


The day hangs ahead
The window is a life’s canvas
Inner thoughts displayed,
Underneath a field of green

I look at taste
I savor the beauty
Will the day be forgotten
Will I be less

I couldn’t tell fact from fiction
I couldn’t tell dream from reality
Now I listen closely
In your uniqueness I found my senses lost »

28,5 cm x 40,5 cm : Edition 1/1 : 850 euros

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Chambre avec vue - Champ d'épinard un jour de printemps

La Galeuse – David Japy –

Far from pursuing the conceptual, David devotes himself in his work to uncovering the intrinsic harmony of things. He combines photographic exploration and pictorial treatment to produce a touching hymn to beauty. Blending the tender with the austere, he first makes the source and direction of the light invisible. It becomes diffuse. He then chooses to print his photograph on a grainy, thick cotton paper, similar to paper used for drawing. Stirring in its singularity, the image asks us: isn’t beauty a question of looking? How many instances of everyday poetry escape us?
Natacha Arnoult


La Galeuse - David Japy
22,8 cm x 25 cm : Edition 1/1 :  850 euros
Frame size : 30,5 cm x 32,5 cm
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The plum keeper – Dimitrios Giovis  –

“The plum keeper” is a self-portrait through which I’m intending to depict and honor a treasured memory; the season of plum harvest during my childhood. I still remember the sweet aromas and flavors in the house of my grandmother while she was preparing the fruits for her famous plum compote. I recall all the details, her hands slicing and peeling the plums, the light, the sounds, everything caught in the stillness of a definitely passed time, enveloped in the vapors of the kitchen. Senses and memories awaken.

How does it happen? The typical shape of a common fruit, like a plum, may also work as the container of a precious memory and trigger some special thoughts and emotions apart from the sense of taste. Moving forward, I’m trying to visually explore this subjective space between the banal from the one part and the unique/singular from the other.

In the end, this image works as an emotional landscape, an edible metaphor that follows the narrative flow of an hypothetical fairytale: “once upon a time, there was a bird-eye man, the guardian of the magical plums. The vigilant keeper was warming up the precious fruits with affective gazes, whispering and blowing all the unspoken words of his life…”


Larmes de Ciboulette – Pauline Guerrier et Delphine Constantini –

Based on the series Faim de Beauté which reveals unique skin pieces of jewelry, the Larmes de ciboulette diptych devises a dialogue between skin and food.
Idealized, matter trifles with the epidermis, each inspiring Its emotion to one another. The inspiration is unique. Here, the ingredient finds a new way, the way of graphic abstraction flirting with oddness, where taste is subliminal. Pauline Guerrier and Delphine Constantini offer us objects avid of beauty that stand as food for soul.



Model : Julie Lacaze, Marilyn Agency
Make-up : Carole Linard et Anna Meyer
Post-production : Fanny Estournet
Text’s author : Alain Terzian
Translation : Benjamin Galvagne

Larmes de Ciboulette - Pauline Guerrier et Delphine Constantini
60 cm x 80 cm (with frame) : Edition 1/1 : 1650 euros
2 diptych prints 33 cm x 48 cm each with fringed edges
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1+1 – Dudi Ben Simon  –

Emerging artist, he is currently focusing on his own artistic style: making photographic compositions from everyday objects and then combining them with additional elements to give them new meaning.
Most of his work can be seen on his Instagram account, which he sees as the new generation of gallery, a place that offers direct access to the public and their reactions.
Unlike his work in advertising, the creative act here is motivated by heart and self-giving

« One element is a whole world. But the connection with a new element, creates a whole new world »


53 cm x 43 cm (without frame) : Édition 1/1 : 3600 euros

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1+1 - Dudi Ben Simon

Aesthetics of an ordinary life – Franck Tremblay  –

Image from the series “Portraits of facades”.

What is unique about this butcher’s shop with permanently closed doors? What lies behind its facade?

First, a surprise! It has become a photographer’s studio.
And then, abandoned again, it imposes itself on me, suddenly appearing in a universe that is no longer its own. A world where it no longer has its place and where it now appears in all its incongruity.


Retour de Lanzarote – Edwige Lamy  –

Arriving on this island, a desert of black lava, I was captivated by the avocados, the likes of which I’d never seen. The texture of their skin echoing the dark ruggedness of the rock. Instinctively, I wanted to associate these two elements emerging from the same terrain, their shapes fuse together and highlight a singular balance between mineral and vegetal; it feels like they were made for one another.


Mark – Guillaume Czerw  –

Through the choice of this unique tomato, I wanted to talk about people, objects, or events that have a peculiarity or singularity and which always leave a mark, a memory, or a trace in others’ existence.
So I used a photographic technique that mixes continuous light, flash light, and camera shift to create a solid and visual movement to illustrate this “mark,” which is, for me, a reflection of singularity.


Mark - Guillaume Czrew

60 cm x 80 cm : Edition 1/1 : 2400 euros
Size of the frame or support if it is an integral part of the work: 63 cm X 83 cm (frame 15/40 natural oak with black interior frame + anti-glare glass)

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Pregnant Lady with Fried Egg – Harvey Hook  –

« The use of an egg is a visual shorthand for the beginning of individual existence. The singular soldier of toast breaking the yolk represents the conception of an individual life and also hints at the erotic. The use of the pregnant woman connects these elements together. I wanted the image to feel raw and slightly jarring. »


My 5th Birthday (Fruit Flan, store-bought base) – Ilka et Franz –

My 5th Birthday (Fruit Flan, Shop Bought Base)
For every one of my birthdays our large coffee table would be filled with different cakes, biscuits and sweets that left hardly any room for anything else. My mum was a working, single parent so the only half homemade cake would have been a fruit flan (tinned fruit, shop-bought base). It was the 80 and cigarettes featured heavily. They would lead to her death only 34 years on.


Tête Verte – Laurent Moynat  –

« Moitié légume, moitié mec » wrote Gainsbourg in his 1976 song : l’Homme à la tête de choux. When I met Alexandre, here holding his salad, I was impressed by how his roots for the love for the earth went deep.
Despite the difficulties of the agricultural industry and his young age, he cultivates a growing sens of caring for what he believes in:
A respectful way of taking and giving back to nature.


Langueur océane – Laurent Ponce –

When plastic and nature compete for the ocean, shapes merge, colours respond to each other, textures add up. Confusion reigns. Who will win the battle?
This is the question posed by this photograph which brings to the surface the reflection on the place of man in nature and his failed attempts to respect it. An illustration that freezes the supremacy of economic interest in the face of a planet that never stops sending SOS. So many bottles in the sea that remind us that hope is unsinkable.


Langueur océane - Laurent Ponce

80 cm x 57 cm : Edition 1/1 : 1400 euros
Format 88 cm X 65,7 cm on brushed aluminium (Dibond) of 3 mm thickness

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Together Alone – Marlou Pulles  –

Food is of great daily impact in our lives. It is not only functional, it is also cultural, traditional and emotional. To me it is also aesthetic. When I photograph I combine forms, lines, textures, lights and shadows into a pure composition. It’s like cooking a special meal, only with totally different ingredients. The genius and natural shape of the blackberry deserves it to be seen. The minimum of color in this image endorses the shadow light play on the round shapes. The blackberries come to life and form a unique and layered language not only with each other but also with the dark ceramic and underground.They are lined up together as a group, which accentuates the loneliness of the single one. We sometimes forget that nature gives us such singular beautiful forms. This still-life calls for a dynamic slowness, where the balanced and calm composition gives room to reflect on the beauty of everyday life.
Look carefully and with different eyes, and you will find the elegance.


The Egg – Matilda Lindeblad & Ylva Bergqvist  –

Eating alone can be boring and something you just want to get done quickly to get energy. But a meal in solitude can also be a time for reflection, a moment of gratitude for life and happiness for the food that gives life. A single egg can be all you need to create that moment. So simple, yet so luxurious. So unique.



L'œuf - Matilda Lindeblad
36 cm x 50 cm : Edition 1/1 : 1070 euros
Frame size (including matting) : 44 cm x 58 cm

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Elvis Sandwich – Max Faber  –

The unique „King of Rock´n´Roll sandwich“ is shown in a special way. Toasted Bread, crunchy peanutbutter, caramalized bananas, fried bacon, salted peanuts and honey are arranged as a straight forward looking deconstructed sandwich. For Max Faber the scanography technique is the right medium to create a unique way to show all shapes, textures and ingredients of this interesting sandwich. It keeps Elvis still alive.


50 cm x 70 cm : Edition 1/1 : 1620 euros
Frame size : 53 cm x 73 cm

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Elvis Sandwich - Max Faber

Cosmos – Nathalie Carnet –

Tenderly placed one against the other, the carmine petals of the Cosmos savoured having finally found each other. Beating hearts, as if they had escaped from the palette of a mad painter who, with one stroke, had given them life, the delicately crumpled petals seemed to be able to rest at last. Surprised by such great happiness, both jewels and jewel cases, they were one. Unique and singular. All that remained was for me to set off.


Cosmos - Nathalie Carnet

30 cm x 40 cm : Edition 1/1 : 1440 euros
Frame size : White box 33 cm x 43 cm

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Les fruits défendus – Neirda Iwanowski  –

When the dissection of the living reveals that the simple natural is no longer, that the fruit becomes a hybrid, a strange entity, a mutant of our orchards, threatening Man and his environment. When the plasticity of the living becomes a reference, the hegemony of an ever more present aestheticism, then the natural disorder is masked. And what is left beyond appearances, beyond an ephemeral and deceptive radiance? When the surgical light of the lens suggests the dissonant encounter between the biological, the cultural and the social. Autopsy of a fruit.


They dreamt of a green apple, shimmering glint.
They dreamt of a round apple, quintessential silhouette.
They dreamt of a sweet apple, everlastingly.
Peculiar apple, petrified in its glossy juice.

50 cm x 75 cm : Edition 1/1 : 1300 euros

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Neirda Iwanowski

Envers – Philippe Vaures Santamaria –

In response to the industrialisation of the living world, ‘animal’ productivism has become unavoidable.
As the search for uniformity became the law and appearance met standards, the challenge for breeders was to guarantee an equivalent and homogeneous quality. The same when nature speaks of difference. The same without distinction. Singularity then became a defect.

The idea of this photographic work is to capture the essence of what is, of this lost originality so that it is never forgotten.


Dot matrix print – Sander Martens –

In the movie “the Matrix”, humans were used as a power source by the machine civilization that ruled its fictional world. The accompanying images were reminiscent of the ways in which chickens were typically bred on a large industrial scale not so long ago. To stimulate awareness and help consumers distinguish free range eggs and organic farming eggs from industrial caged hen production, since 2004, every egg sold within Europe has been marked with a unique dot matrix code. Although many people are still unaware of its meaning, it indicates the egg’s country of origin, production type, and even the farm it was produced on.


Dot matrix print - Sender Martens

50 cm x 50 cm : Edition 1/1 :  950 euros
mounted on 3 mm dibond with 2 mm acrylic glass

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Red Subamarine – Romain Bassenne  –

I come down, just for a moment.
A single moment when it allows.
Whenever this space is empty and let the light in.
After that, it was over, it was full and closed.

Tank/ Cheverny
Hervé Villemade Domain


24 cm x 36 cm : Edition 1/1 : 600 euros
Mounting on aluminium 24 cm x 37 cm

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Sous-Marin rouge - Romain Bassenne

Recto-Verso – Stéphane Bahic –

This is the singular story of a fish concerned about its image and feverish about choosing its best profile. He settles in front of the lens, passes through and returns. His gaze questions the truth. All that remains is to accept it…


The Lemon – Sarah Sanchez  –

Through the random fragmentation of material, this photograph captures both the reality’s plasticity and the ephemeral’s poetry. Playing with textures, peel and flesh merge for a moment and take a new shape, unique, elegant and singular.


50 cm x 70 cm : Edition 1/1 : 1440 euros
White wooden frame 61.5 cm x 81.5 cm

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Le Citron - Sarah Sanchez

Patatas – Aude Boissaye –

Black, you stand among whites. You might as well be square amid rounds. Wrinkled in between smoothed skins. Small with talls. As you flow into the crowd with your fellow spuds, how can you preserve this particularity of yours without losing yourself? How could one display your faults which are as many opportunities? Like a mockery to the digital norm, the good old-silver based technique that I have chosen, collodion, has been disturbing my certainties. They could not see the difference. Far from the standards I had to adapt the chemistry, so that ultimately, in the meander of the dark room, in a weathered tray, the uniqueness would be revealed.


Patatas, Aude Boissaye - Studio CuiCui

13 cm x 18 cm : Edition 1/1 : 540 euros

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The pattern – 1 – – Valentina Cesta –

The project explores the intersection between food and design and its exclusive purpose is to create an image capable of generating a break from the banal daily routine, providing emotional and playful conceptual paths. It is linked to “the ugly food” movement, where for every perfect food there is another perfectly imperfect. Imperfection forces us to stop and look at the object for what it is. A piece of art in which the whole is more than the sum of its parts, the repetition does not consume the element, but rather makes it even more unique.


30 cm x 45 cm : Edition 1/1 : 550 euros
Frame size: 38,35 cm x 57,53 cm

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The pattern - 1 - - Valentina Cesta
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