Caspar Miskin

Danish photographer, he lives and works in Paris.
Former chef de cuisine turned photographer specialized in working with gastronomy. His Scandinavian origins accompany and inspire him to produce works full of simplicity, close to minimalism.

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Cristina Jacob

Cristina Jacob was born and raised in Lisbon where she studied photography. She came to London to continue her studies but photography became eclipsed when a part-time job evolved into full-time Finance Manager in catering and hospitality. Two years ago, Cristina decided to change gear and return to the original passion which had brought her to England. She gave up her financial career, went back to school and is currently in her final year at The British Academy of Photography, focusing on her two great loves: photography and food. Seeds, The Art of the Possible becomes both metaphor and sacrament. They wake us up, challenge our perception and show us nature in all its wild complexity of time.

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David Japy

David Japy is a photographer. He lives and works in Paris.
After scientific studies, he turned to photography. Coming from a family where art and cooking come together, food photography quickly imposed itself in his professional practice.

David works mainly in daylight. He has many references in press and publishing.

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Stéphane Bahic - Seeeds

Stéphane Bahic

Founder of Seeeds Gallery, Stéphane Bahic is a french photographer who lives and works in Paris.
Specializing in food photography, still life and portraits, his style consists in highlighting the products’ materials, shapes and colors inside mostly raw universes.
He works for publishers, press and advertising.

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Philippe Vaurès Santamaria

Photographer for twenty years after university studies in Art and Photography.
From assistant, he quickly became a reporter for a press group and then became freelance in the early 2000s alternating studio shots and field reports. His sensitive approach and his attraction to the aesthetics of beautiful products and fine cooking give him the opportunity to gain the confidence of the great names in French and international gastronomy. Using chiaroscuro like with full sunlight, between delicacy and flamboyance, he shapes by the image a singular visual identity for each personality. Philippe Vaurès regularly collaborates for magazines and publishers specialising in gastronomy.

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Originally from Compiègne (Oise), Guillaume Czerw moved to Paris at the age of 20 and graduated from the Effet school in the 12th arrondissement. A succession of encounters enabled him to continue his apprenticeship and his further training, in particular with Guillaume de Laubier, a renowned Parisian interior decoration photographer.

Guillaume set up his own business and works for a diverse clientele, from marketing agencies to corporate clients and publishers. He now specialises in culinary and lifestyle photography, working both in studio and on location. He works for the magazines Saveurs, 180°C, 12,5°, Libération,Télérama, Psychologie Magazine as well as for various publishing houses: Hachette, La Martinière…

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Aude Boissaye

Photographer and co-founder of the Studio Cui Cui based in Pantin (Greater Paris), Aude Boissaye has rediscovered the ancient practices and materials used by the early photographers/ alchemists of the 19th century, in order to produce photographs that are object-images. Through her portraits and nature photographs, Aude seeks to seize the ephemeral beauty of fragile elements.

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Aude Boissaye - Studio CuiCui
Alexis Manchion - Seeeds

Alexis Manchion

Born in Bobigny in 1987, Alexis Manchion grew up in Blois where he started photography. He graduated from EFET school in Paris in 2011 and continued his apprenticeship for two years as an assistant to photographer Thierry Girard. Believing that he could stand on his own two feet, Alexis will spend the next five years in the Val d’Oise where he will continue to experiment and produce new projects with other artists.

Since then, Alexis has developed a multi-faceted artistic universe with varied inspirations, ranging from his first love for “documentary” photography to plastic fabrication. Alexis is a juggler, voluntarily switching from one approach to another, with a sometimes confusing look at our societies. His different artistic obsessions gradually shape the creation of a global work with complex and extensive ramifications…

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Delphine Constantini & Pauline Guerrier

Pauline captures beauty, the beauty spotlighted by the refinement of cosmetics. She takes special care of the aesthetics of her settings, and her pictures perfectly reflect It. Delphine often sets her camera in front of culinary delicacies. Her eye knows how to listen to this world that she successfully enhances. At the crossroads of obviousnesses, these photographic talents were meant to meet each other. Aren’t gastronomy ingredients already objects of beauty after all ? Doesn’t the beauty of a body or a face already bear something of an aesthetic love of good food ? Determined to entangle both of their passions, they manage to create a unique universe around them.

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Delphine & Pauline - Seeeds
Dimitrios Giovis - Seeeds

Dimitrios Giovis

Born in Berlin in 1970. Dimitrios Giovis currently lives and works in Thessaloniki (Greece). He studied Greek philology. During his studies he developed a parallel interest in photography and the visual arts. He has been working as a graphic designer and as a photographer in the field of archaeological and museological photography. In his personal projects, he uses the photographic procedure as an introspective medium, depicting visual short stories, intimate narrations and personal allegories.

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Dudi Ben Simon

Dudi Ben Simon lives and works in Tel Aviv.
He is a senior creative at Publicis Groupe Israel and has never studied photography in a formal setting. He is a self-taught artist. He connects to simple elements and tries to portray them through seemingly random situations in our world.
His desire and challenge is to make art accessible to everyone, not only to the initiated.

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Dudi Ben Simon - Seeeds
Edwige Lamy - Seeeds

Edwige Lamy

Originating from Burgundy and having studied at the Louis Lumière School of Photography in Paris, Edwige Lamy chose to live and work in Marseille some twenty years ago. Thanks to diverse collaborations in decoration, advertising and corporate – whether in the studio or away from it – Edwige likes to explore and discover wide ranging subjects which nourish her creativity. 

For several years now, culinary photography has become increasingly vital. Edwige is looking for the right balance between products, textures and light in her studio, all the while seeking out new encounters, practices and accomplishments in the realm of cuisine and food production.

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Franck Tremblay

Franck Tremblay aims to highlight the culinary heritage by telling the story of products through people, and the story of people with their products. By showing what may seem as banal as foodstuffs, beauty emerges. And we suddenly find ourselves in front of the still lifes of the Flemish painters, bathed in their particular intimate light… Or in a realist painting by Edward Hopper, whose vivid palette warms up melancholy scenes. Raymond Depardon’s humanity inspires and accompanies him… Through his very human images, shaped by his deeply benevolent gaze, Franck takes us on a poetic journey that moves us and a philosophical quest that we did not expect.
Marie-Paule Zierski
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Franck Tramblay - Seeeds
Harvey Hook - Seeeds

Harvey Hook

Starting his career in photojournalism in his 20s, Harvey Hook, from Birmingham, UK, now shoots all things food and drink.
To him, our relationship with food has its foundation in memory. All the wonderful snacks, treats and heart- warming family meals we taste growing up, undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on us. He has a passion for making images that invoke nostalgia.
Harvey says: “I don’t wish to create pretty or beautiful images, just memorable ones.’’ Harvey’s photography aesthetic is colourful and high contrast, often making use of bold textures. He is obsessed with cookery books from the 1970’s.

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Ilka & Franz

Ilka & Franz are a photo & director duo based in London (UK). Their work blurs the lines between disciplines as they apply their aesthetic and humour to still life, portraiture and film. While their unmistakable use of colour is vibrant and bold, their conceptual undertones are often subtle and of child-like naivety. Ilka & Franz draw their inspiration from pop culture, kitsch and surrealism as they put a playful spin on the ordinary. The duo shoot, build, style and retouch and work on commercial and editorial commissions in the UK and abroad.

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ilka & franz - Seeeds
Laurent Moynat

Laurent Moynat

His credo is the ‘non-photo’, the unconventional photo, a photo that is not frozen but conveys emotions or some unexpected discrepancy. He shoots without setting down his camera in order to obtain a ‘true’ photo, marked by the total absence of formatting and formal aestheticism. In 2006, his desire to translate his feelings more fully led him to explore human stories and real life. His sensitive, intuitive look then blossomed in reportage and in culinary photography, two worlds bringing together what animates him: encounters, the poetry of daily life and the unvarnished product.

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Laurent Ponce

A graduate of the Estienne school, Laurent began his career at BDDP. He continued at TBWA where he created brand identities. A culinary enthusiast, he decided to leave the agency world to put his passion at the service of his professional projects. This is how he came to work for Sucré Salé as Creative Director.
The desire to get his hands dirty was irresistible, so he trained in styling and culinary photography. A tasty world that he will never leave. Since 2005, he has worked for communication agencies and food & beverage brands. He is particularly fond of raw products and the play of materials, guided by a single principle: simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

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Laurent Ponce - Seeeds
Marlou Pulles - Seeeds

Marlou Pulles

Born in the Netherlands in 1965, Marlou Pulles now lives and works in Amsterdam. Formed as an art historian at the University of Utrecht, she has turned her fascination for the Old Master painters of the 17th century into still-life photography. With her art-photography she wants to capture stillness, elegance and pure forms, wrapped in compositions that evoke wondering and radiate slowness. By stimulating the viewer trough the play of color, shape and a minimum of visual language, she draws attention to looking at everyday objects with different eyes. Always with a tough of modernity, without loosing the heritage of the still-life paintings of the 17th century. She chooses objects of which our hectic society does not always considers how beautiful they can be. The natural shapes, such as fruit and vegetables come to life. Time has just stopped, to enjoy the simple beauty of objects even more.

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Matilda Lindeblad & Ylva Bergqvist

LindebladBergqvist is a creative duo specialized in food photography. Matilda, the Lindeblad part of the team, is a photographer with over 25 years of experience in photography and film, both commercially and editorially. Bergqvist is Ylva, a trained chef, cookbook author, artist and food stylist with over 25 years of experience in the industry.

Matilda & Ylva have worked together since 2003 and feel very lucky to work with food. Not only because they love to eat but also because they find great joy in the art of creating appetizing photos. Over the past decade, they have dug deeper into the concept of edibles, explored food as art and topics they find important; overconsumption, carnivores, meals, veganism, diets, sustainability, loneliness, guilt, the food industry, etc. Food is important to humans but also crucial to humanity’s existence on this planet.

They are based in Stockholm and Lisbon but work all over the world.

See photo of Matilda & Ylva

Lindeblad Bergqvist - Seeeds
Max Faber - Seeeds

Max Faber

Born in Berlin in 1980, Max Faber has worked for more than ten years as a chef in high class restaurants. In 2008 he started his career as a professional foodstylist for advertisting clients, books and magazine publishers. He loves to work on different food projects. 2016 he startet developping his scanography technique. He combines foodstyling skills with scanography technique for different magazines and Art projects. His own book Klapp-Stullen, his images and other projects were honoured with different awards.

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Nathalie Carnet

Born in France in 1970, Nathalie Carnet lives in the countryside and works in Paris where she has her studio, a real creative workshop in which she constantly seeks out new photographic possibilities. In love with light, she likes to work in the studio as much as on location. Her compositions and her work with colour highlight still lifes as well as portraits, gardens or interiors. Her clients, press, agencies or brands, call upon her for the singularity of her visual approach and the poetic accuracy with which she stages her images.

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Nathalie Carnet - Seeeds
Neirda Iwanowski - Seeeds

Neirda Iwanowski

After graduating from Ecole des Gobelins in 2009, Neirda Iwanowski specialized in still life photography, keeping an eye on the culinary universe, always. The absurd stirs his curiosity, the unusual summons him, he transforms technique and post-production into allies. Playing with lighting and photomontage, he reaches the impossible and creates vivid, clever, and playful images.

See photo of Neirda

Roberto Savio

Roberto Savio is an Italian photographer based in Milan and he has a long and consolidated experience as creative director, in particular in the design and implementation of photo and multimedia projects supporting strategic communication campaigns in different market sectors. Over the last few years he decided to focus mainly on food photography, and on the relationship between raw materials, environment, food industry and product transformation through man’s labour. His current engagements include activities as food designer and teacher/subject matter expert in photography schools and professional culinary training centers.

See photo of Roberto

Roberto Savio - Seeeds
Romain Bassenne - Seeeds

Romain Bassenne

Born in 1986, Romain Bassenne lives and works in Paris.
Independent photographer since 2011, he builds his artistic approach around documentary photography by focusing on notions of space, heritage and know-how. Its objective is to tell the story of a place, of a person, at least of a meeting between him and the other for a more or less brief moment. As a regular contributor to the Marge Design studio, he includes into his personal approach the reflection that leads him to the restitution of his work in order to find a form of just coherence between substance and form.

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Sander Martens

Dutch freelance photographer Sander Martens (1973, autodidact) is specialized in black and white fine art and portrait photography. His work focuses on the balance between order and chaos, and how it changes as a function of time. “I’m eager to keep control at all times, both as a photographer, a scientist, and as a person. But without a place for chaos there would be no room for spontaneity and discovery. I therefore open the door to time, luck, and coincidence by incorporating cyanotypes, monotypes, or physical alterations to my work, thus creating additional layers and depth.” Having studied psychology and artificial intelligence, Martens obtained his PhD degree in experimental psychology in 2001, and he is currently an Assistant Professor in cognitive neuroscience at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. In both his photography and scientific research, he strives to go beyond the visible.

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Sander Martens - Seeeds
Sarah Sanchez - Seeeds

Sarah Sanchez

After studying Arts and Culture and working many years in Spain as a food photographer, Sarah Sanchez launched her own creative studio dedicated to the food sector ‘Croque-Madame Studio’, based in the Paris region in 2018.
Through her photographs, she develops a singular, graphic and colorful universe, with a particular emphasis on vegetal.
Mostly creating for brands and restaurants, she has also been working since 2020 within Studio Pili Pili, specializing in food communication.

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Valentina Cesta

Valentina Cesta was born in 1988 in Verona, Italy, where she currently lives. She is a photographer specialised in still life, food and commercial photography. She collaborates with advertising companies and fashion brands. Inspired by pop culture, she uses photography to communicate with the world by playing with colours, creating contrasts that produce stimulating and unexpected images. Her pictures originate new universes that invite the observer to see the surrounding life in a different way.

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Valentina Cesta - Seeeds
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