Thomas Dhellemmes

Born in France in 1963, Thomas Dhellemmes lives and works in Paris. Conceiving unique universes, realizing real, powerful, simple images, revealing the authenticity of a product or the uniqueness of a brand … Thomas founded his creative photographic studio in May 1998 based on these principles.
Since then, surrounded by collaborators in a varying geometry of creative directors, photographers, video makers, stylists and
retouchers, Atelier Mai 98 has taken on a multitude of projects while attempting to preserve a subtle balance between creativity,
technicity and serenity.
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Wendy van Santen and
Hans Bolleurs

Wendy van Santen (1980) and Hans Bolleurs (1977) are a Rotterdam based artist couple.
Their playful work shows the everyday in ways you have never seen it before. 
They use household objects, food, flowers and anything they can get their hands on to create objects, videos and photographic images. Their seductive use of light turns mundane everyday objects into iconic artifacts.
Their irreverent sense of humour and poppy use of color makes their creations seem playful and lighthearted but there’s a sinister undertone to their weird and wonderful world.
Their images have been featured in newspapers and magazines, campaigns for various brands and galleries.
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Laetitia d'Aboville - Seeeds


Originally from Compiègne (Oise), Guillaume Czerw moved to Paris at the age of 20 and graduated from the Effet school in the 12th arrondissement. A succession of encounters enabled him to continue his apprenticeship and his further training, in particular with Guillaume de Laubier, a renowned Parisian interior decoration photographer.

Guillaume set up his own business and works for a diverse clientele, from marketing agencies to corporate clients and publishers. He now specialises in culinary and lifestyle photography, working both in studio and on location. He works for the magazines Saveurs, 180°C, 12,5°, Libération,Télérama, Psychologie Magazine as well as for various publishing houses: Hachette, La Martinière…
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Philippe Vaurès Santamaria

Photographer for twenty years after university studies in Art and Photography.
From assistant, he quickly became a reporter for a press group and then became freelance in the early 2000s alternating studio shots and field reports. His sensitive approach and his attraction to the aesthetics of beautiful products and fine cooking give him the opportunity to gain the confidence of the great names in French and international gastronomy. Using chiaroscuro like with full sunlight, between delicacy and flamboyance, he shapes by the image a singular visual identity for each personality. Philippe Vaurès regularly collaborates for magazines and publishers specialising in gastronomy.
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Aude Boissaye et Cyril Burget

Cyril Burget

Born in 1975, Cyril Burget is a fine art artist who lives and works in Paris. Trained as a sociologist his practice is based on observation and its writings: painting, chemical-free photography on plants, wet-collodion photography. Through his work, Cyril Burget questions the relationship between the presence and absence of human beings and the memory of emotion.

Aude Boissaye

Photographer and co-founder of the Studio Cui Cui based in Pantin (Greater Paris), Aude Boissaye has rediscovered the ancient practices and materials used by the early photographers/ alchemists of the 19th century, in order to produce photographs that are object-images. Through her portraits and nature photographs, Aude seeks to seize the ephemeral beauty of fragile elements.
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Laetitia d’Aboville

Laetitia d’Aboville est née en 1983 et vit au Pré-Saint-Gervais (93).
Photographe indépendante depuis 2009, elle construit sa démarche artistique autour de la place de chacun dans la société, dans le groupe ou dans la famille.
Casser les codes, déformer les moules, sortir du cadre, la normalité l’interroge. Entre rêve et réalité, elle met en scène les objets du quotidien et interprète des sujets actuels ou des histoires intimes.
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Laetitia d'Aboville - Seeeds

Stéphane Bahic

Founder of Seeeds Gallery, Stéphane Bahic is a french photographer who lives and works in Paris.
Specializing in food photography, still life and portraits, his style consists in highlighting the products’ materials, shapes and colors inside mostly raw universes.
He works for publishers, press and advertising.
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